The Blog


Luna & Lotus is a health and lifestyle blog that seeks to spread wisdom in ways of the mind, the body, and the spirit. Luna & Lotus draws from Eastern spiritual wisdom, contemplative psychology, Western psychology, and personal experience, to reflect on how we can nurture ourselves and others. This blog touches on plant-based food, travel diaries, and self-help guides to living a more fulfilled life.

The Luna

Luna is the Latin word for Moon. The moon is an enduring symbol of truth and enlightenment in the Buddhist tradition. Our true nature is much like the cloud-covered moon. When we allow our clouded minds to become clear, our true nature can shine through. The Buddha is sometimes called the bright moon who illuminates the world.

The Lotus

The Lotus is one of the most highly recognized symbols for enlightenment. The lotus is rooted in the mud, but its flower blossoms above the muddy waters. The Sacred Lotus is a symbol of purity of body, speech, and mind. Many great deities are pictured sitting on blooming lotuses as they enter states of deep consciousness.