11 Habits That Will Simplify Your Life

Life can be easy. Reduce unnecessary stress so you can get back to enjoying your life and spending time on things you care about. These are 11 easy habits that will simplify your life in the tech-filled, hyper-stimulated world of 2020.

1. Live a Minimal Life

11 Habits That Will Simplify Your Life in 2019 Minimalism Decor

Are you overly attached to your things? Marie Kondo’s question “does it spark joy” resonates because it brings up intentionality. Minimalism is intentionality. If each item you own serves a purpose for function or fulfillment, you’re living with material intention. Donating, recycling, or tossing your extra stuff can simplify your life by also ridding you of the mental attachment you have to each object that isn’t serving you.

2. Only Buy What You Need

11 Habits That Will Simplify Your Life in 2019 Minimalism

I remember Eckart Tolle discussing the importance of window shopping without buying. He said that you can observe the beauty of an object like an article of clothing or a piece of art without needing to own it. The advertising industry is constantly convincing us we need to buy and consume more. Before you make a purchase, ask the simple question “do I need this?” or “is this a meaningful investment in my long-term well-being?”

3. Focus on One Thing at a Time

11 Habits That Will Simplify Your Life in 2019 Organizer

Information overload leads to analysis paralysis. Do things one at a time. Work on tasks one at a time to increase attention and productivity. Commit to one big goal at a time such as one workout plan or improving one skill. Being selective about your energy allocation will allow you to turn your attention into laser-focused power.

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4. Automate Daily Routines

11 Habits That Will Simplify Your Life in 2019 Automate

Put your routines on autopilot. We’ve trained ourselves to do certain tasks every day at the same time, in the same manner. Add new things to your routine, like a morning workout or journalling session. Routines encourage consistency which produces results over time. This is called “habit-stacking” and is one of the most effective ways to create a consistency that leads to success.

5. Stop Worrying

11 Habits That Will Simplify Your Life in 2019 Stress Relief

Easier said than done, but this simple tip can significantly simplify your life. Don’t concern yourself for the “mights” and “what ifs”. Focus on what is going on right now and what you can control. The next tip (#6) is a great way to reduce mental chatter.

6. Meditate and Reflect

11 Habits That Will Simplify Your Life in 2019 Meditation

How long should you meditate? Meditation and mindfulness are the most important habits that will simplify your life. For me, meditation is less about time and more about a state of mind. When I wake up on the wrong side of the bed (grumpy and tired), meditation is like a tuning fork that allows me to bring myself back to a centred place. You can reset your mental state every morning with a routine meditation and finish your day in quiet reflection. If you believe, “I don’t have time to meditate every day”, you should probably meditate twice a day.

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7. Be Nice to People

11 Habits That Will Simplify Your Life in 2019 Be Nice

You’re here to love others. It’s easy to get preoccupied with personal goals and forget about helping out the people around you. If you don’t know where to start, start with being nicer to the people you interact with every day. Give people your full attention when you’re talking to them, send someone a sweet message out of nowhere, ask people questions about themselves. These simple actions make an impact.

8. Pay Off You Credit Card Right Away

11 Habits That Will Simplify Your Life in 2019 Debt

Avoid personal debt and spend what you have. Money is a big stress when you feel like you’re in a deficit. Continuously pay off your credit card to avoid debt. If you’re in debt (hello students) start a payment plan that will ease your anxiety.

9. Don’t Watch the News

11 Habits That Will Simplify Your Life in 2019 The News

Get informed, not overwhelmed. Watching the news consistently can overwhelm you with negative information. Catch the SparkNotes version to stay up-to-date but don’t waste your mornings rewatching tragic replays of horrific events.

10. Stop Comparing Yourself to People on Social Media

11 Habits That Will Simplify Your Life in 2019 Social MediaThis is specific and highly applicable for 2020. Comparing your journey with another person is a huge waste of time and energy. Focus on what you can control and drop the discouraging comparisons. you never know what a person is dealing with behind the scenes and we are only responsible for our own lives.

11. Set Aside Time to Relax

11 Habits That Will Simplify Your Life in 2019 Relax

Have you ever gotten sick at the worst possible time? Sometimes our bodies force us to take a break because we aren’t choosing to take one. Don’t wait for an unexpected illness to slow you down. Regular breaks to refuel and prevent burnout are essential habits that will simplify your life.

Simplify Your Life With Daily Habits

If life feels overwhelming or complicated, sit back and take a deep breath. These 11 Habits That Will Simplify Your Life will help you slow down and connect with what’s really important. Try adding one habit to your day each day or each week to create sustainable changes.