5 Ways to Be Bold and Ask For What You Want.


“Words are things, I’m convinced. You must be careful about the words you use.”— Dr. Maya Angelou

Words have the power to start wars, the ability to make someone laugh until their cheeks ache; words can make peace, make money, make art, and make love.

People tend to get hung up on the materiality of it all: “If I can’t touch it, it’s not real.” Think about the power of the wind, the force of gravity, or the importance of breath; often what we can’t see are the most powerful energies of all. Deciding what you want and asking for it can create rapid and mighty change in the course of your life.

1. Say Your Morning Affirmations.

Start your day with morning affirmations. An affirmation is simply a declaration of words, a statement that usually begins with “I am”. You can limit the affirmation to one word such as, “I am healthy” or you can create a more directed affirmation like, “I am wealthy and abundance easily comes into my life.” Take several deep breaths and state your affirmations in a meditative state.


2. Ask For What You Want Out Loud.

We speak to ourselves every moment. Our intuitive guidance knows what we want but it takes time to voice this truth. We may be afraid of disrupting a routine, fearful of facing a daunting task, or terrified that we’re incapable of getting what we want. Ask for what you want out loud to yourself or to another trusted person. Asking for what you want out loud accelerates your pathway there.


3. Say It Like You Already Have It.

If you speak powerful statements as though you are lacking, you will bring more lack into your life. Instead of saying, “I will be healthy and whole“, say “I am healthy and whole“.  Speaking in the present moment allows you to unearth this truth that already exists inside of you. Your deepest capabilities and desires are not to be sought, they are to be uncovered from who you are right now in this moment.


4. Soak Yourself in Positivity.

Think of the negative people in your life that fill silence with complaints. Are these people fulfilled, peaceful, or happy? Negativity is a hurricane that blows the debris of dissatisfaction into your life. It billows over accomplishments and leaves nothing but destruction in its path. Allow positivity to be the daily bath you soak yourself in. Wake up and wash your face with positive affirmations. Positivity is a cleansing energy that can nourish your goals.


5. Take Aligned Action.

Once you’ve released your affirmations into the universe, spoke as though you already have them, and nurtured them with positivity, it’s time to act in alignment. If your affirmation is “I am healthy and whole“, live with this is mindset: “how would a healthy and whole person act in this situation?“. Use every moment as a chance to act in alignment with your highest desire.


Today’s Practice:

Start your day with an intention you wish to set, write it down and follow these steps to bring it into fruition.