This Hidden Gem Will Be 2018’s Top Travel Destination.

Welcome to the Faroe Islands

Named “Europe’s Best Kept Secret”, the Faroe Islands are a collection of land that are self-governed in the Kingdom of Denmark. The islands can be found floating in the North Atlantic Ocean, nestled between Iceland and Norway. Comprised of 18, rocky volcanic land masses this dream-like place is held together by bridges, road funnels, and ferries. The dramatic coastal cliffs, and flurries of swarming seabirds are a few of the many appeals the islands offer.


The Landscape of the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands have sharp volcanic peaks, soft mossy green lands, and undulating coastal swells, that are reminiscent of a fantasy realm straight from a children’s storybook. The powerful waterfalls that cascade down cliffs to meet the ocean, remind us of the island’s famous neighbour, Iceland. Unlike Iceland, the Faroe islands have yet to make a big name in the tourism industry but are sprouting up interest and intrigue in recent years.

One of the greatest draws of the island’s landscape is the awe-inspiring lake, hiking, and waterfall in Sørvágsvatn. Atop a textured cliff face lies a transfixing lake. The lake trickles downstream into the Atlantic ocean, causing an optical illusion of sorts that hardly looks real. Taking the Sørvágsvatn hike is sure to be a breathtaking feat with plenty of photogenic opportunities.

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The Faroe Island Experience

A trip to the Faroe Islands is most appealing for travellers that enjoy hiking, kaiaking, and relishing in the beauty and power of mother nature. This trip will not be spent cooped up indoors, unless you’re dining at the Michelin Star Restaurant KOKS spoiling your taste buds with a sumptuous 17 course Nordic menu tasting.

The heartlands are decorated with colourful European architecture that include a palette of yellow pastel rooftops, to striking fire engine red cottages. The modest homes line the coast where boats bob in the foaming tide. The harbours appear to be an essential component to the island culture and history, supporting the fishing endeavours for the people for centuries.



Where Will You Travel in 2018?

After embarking on a short but captivating trip across Iceland, I was drawn to the Faroe Islands for its similar dramatic landscape. It won’t be long before this magical destination lights up on traveller radars. The Faroe Islands are indisputably one of the most beautiful places on earth. Which stamps will you be adding to your passport this year?