How to Get Silver Hair and My Honest Experience Maintaining It

Instagram trends (like the obsession over how to get silver hair) have taken over the beauty industry. I used to leaf through magazines to figure out what the next seasonal style would be. By the time it circulated from the niche fashion or beauty industry to the masses, it was pretty much irrelevant.

Now, we all have instant access to trends in the palm of our hand and the tip of our thumb. Naturally, the stunning silver hair trend began populating my popular page. I scrolled through post after post of women and men with these ghostly locks cascading down their shoulders.

Don’t forget, the Mother of Dragons, Khaleesi rocking the white, braided lengthy hair for all HBO viewers to marvel at. Celebrities like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, or Kim Kardashian were breaking out the bleach and opting for the same hues.


Like many, I had grown bored of my usual hair routine and asked my hairdresser to bleach my head and turn it as silver as a tinselled-up Christmas tree. He told me plainly, no. He had foiled up my fairly light hair for years and said it was a huge mistake that would ruin my hair. So I agreed, did the usual highlights, and schemed to find another hair dresser who would be willing.

Once I found a hair dye specialist that was down to dye they first warned me. This “procedure” would take about 6 hours of time, $400 of coin (plus 20% tip), and a detrimental toll on my hair health. I decided to push forward at all costs (literally).

The Process: How to Get Silver Hair

My entire head of hair was bleached nearly yellow and then toned. The bleach was left on my darker roots for considerably longer than my lighter ends. I felt an intense burning on my head as the colour lifted to its necessary lightness. She also used a hair treatment called OLAPLEX, the only hair repair product that can actually rebuild broken hair bonds.

She later added black and blue to pull through the locks and create the silver effect. To my dismay, my hair looks more blue than silver. She reassured me that it would wash out and reflect the silver colour I was aspiring to.

– Before & After –


How to Keep Silver Hair Healthy.

Not going to lie, silver hair ruined my hair. I have gone through years of dying, straitening, blow-drying, and curling my hair and although it has felt dead at times, it has NEVER felt like this. I was concerned at one point that I would have to chop off all my length to salvage what I could.

The hair itself felt dry and brittle, my scalp felt flakey and raw, and applying heat was almost a risk I was no longer willing to take. My hair used to dry naturally into a beachy wave, this new consistency was frizzy and dry.


How OLAPLEX Saved My Silver Hair.

OLAPLEX saved my hair. The hairdresser essentially told me I would have to use this product or she wouldn’t move forward with the colour. I agreed. She explained that this treatment includes a patented active ingredient that works on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage. OLAPLEX restores compromised hair and is called “the ultimate breakage insurance.”

How the Silver Hair Colour Changes Over Time.

One huge problem with silver hair was its ever-changing and sensitive hue. Since the base colour is so bleached and light, it holds onto the product. Parts of my hair that were bleached as lightly as others (the dark roots) were more prone to turning yellow.

I tried to combat this by adding purple shampoo, but the purple would either not do much or cling to my hair for dear life, turning my head into a full-on purple palette of colour (as seen below).


The Silver Hair Shampoos I Tried.

If you’re going silver, you probably know that finding a purple shampoo that delicately preserves your colour and hair health is essential. These are three of the products I tried and what I liked or disliked while using them.

1. Provoke – Touch of Silver Set of 3

I found this purple shampoo to be one of the best. I ordered it from Amazon and it worked wonders on my hair. I wouldn’t say it’s a magic potion. If you’re looking for a big change, go back to the hair dresser and ask them to tone it again.

2. John Frieda – Color Renew

This product is great for my regular blonde hair but made no difference on my silver hair. I found that although the colour of the shampoo was (very light) purple, it didn’t adhere to my hair. It lathered up and washed away without much result.

3. Joico – Color Balance Purple Shampoo & Conditioner – Duo (The Winner)

This duo keeps your silver hair from going yellow but also prevents it from going purple. This the delicate balance you have to walk with white or silver hair. A shampoo that is too light, allows the warm tones to peak through. However, if the shampoo is too dark, it can stain your hands and turn your hair violet. Joico is the best set at keeping you centred and silver.


Honest Opinion: Would I Recommend Silver Hair?

No. If I could go back I would have listened to my original hairdresser and skipped the silver. Although my second hairdresser did a fantastic job, I now see that the upkeep, maintenance, cost, and hassle of silver hair is truly meant for the Kim Kardashians of the world.

Bleaching your entire head can equal long-lasting damage and a dent in the wallet that could have gone toward a trip across the world (no joke). My hair is currently back to blonde and I intend to appreciate it as is. I am happy I gave silver hair a go to see what it was all about, but I’m satisfied with saving silver for retirement.