How to Manifest What You Want Into Your Life.

Thoughts are a part of the world of form. Thoughts carry energy. Have you ever played a thought on repeat and felt physically exhausted and tired as a result of this overthinking? If you have, you know the weight a thought can have.

Neurosis Versus Productive Thought

The neurotic human mind is on a constant mission to protect us. This means that much of our thinking is often defensive, judging, and negative. Engaging in a simple sitting meditation can show us the relief of disassociating from our thoughts; there is peace, silence, and divinity that rests here.

We can use our thoughts to align us with our highest Self. It’s possible to align the world of the form (the thought world) with the world beyond form (the energy and awareness level). We do this every day as we choose to nourish ourselves with healthier foods, engage in exercise, read positive content, listen to beautiful music, or engage in positive speech.

The Noble Eightfold Path is a perfect example of how we can align with our true nature and highest Self on this worldly plane. Not all thoughts and mental chatter is destructive. We can use right thought to manifest our desires.

A Story of Manifestation

Shortly after my sister graduated from University the job market didn’t look promising. She was working at a drug store, living with my parents, and procrastinating on applications for potential employment. She became clear and realized that she was going to move to the city and work at a marketing agency as an intern. After coming to this realization, she spoke about it as truth.

On one of her shifts she was punching away keys on the cash register when an old classmate walked in.

What have you been up to, the classmate excitedly asked while scanning over her name tag and polo shirt.

I’m moving to the city soon to work as an intern at an advertising agency, the words slipped out of her lips instinctively.

What am I saying? Her mind hassled her. I’m lying. Why did I speak so confidently about this as if it were true? She continued to tell friends and relatives (including myself), that there was no question in her mind this is what would happen. She would be moving to the city to start a job as an intern, writing for an advertising agency.

Not long after, she travelled into the city and got lost. She hopped on the wrong bus and while asking for directions she struck up a conversation with a woman next to her. This woman was also on the wrong bus. They laughed about their shared mistake and the woman told my sister that she worked for an advertising company in the city that was looking for writers. Anne took her information and went on her way. Only a few weeks later my sister was living in the city working as an intern at an advertising agency.

Our thoughts are floating in the world of form and they can take physical form when we manifest them enough. So how do we manifest our desires instead of our fears? How do we bring our love of traveling into existence instead of our fear of cancer? Manifesting can be practiced in awareness.

Five Steps to Manifest Your Desires

Use the following steps to begin manifesting what you want. Your desires could be highly specific like, “I want a raise at work” or more general like, “I want to know what my career path should be”. Start your day reflecting on these desires and begin to radiate your intention and attract the object, experience, or answers you are looking to receive.

1. Create space through meditation.

Visualization is nearly impossible in the space of a cluttered mind. Engage in a mediation practice that works for you, whether that be a gratitude meditation, a metta meditation, a breathing exercise, or a body scan (to name a few). Meditate for at least 10 minutes or until your mind has calmed and allowed for spaciousness. Pay attention to the gaps between thoughts and rest in these ellipsis’s.

2. Picture exactly what you desire.

Use every sense, emotion, and visualization necessary to picture your desire being a part of your life. How do you feel with this desire? What does it look like? How does it fit into your life? You can even play out your daily routine as it would unfold with this desire present.

If you desire to write a book, start to visualize the writing process. Imagine how you feel when a publisher reaches out to you. See the cover on the shelves in your favourite book store. Allow your dream to play out before you.

3. Co-create.

Attracting what you want doesn’t happen without your help. Wake up in the morning and reflect on the desire or desires you’re attempting to manifest. Hold them in your attention daily. Allow every action you take to contribute toward this desire.

Another key component in the process of co-creation is acting with confidence as if you already have what you desire. In my sister’s story you see her absolute certainty that she was going to manifest her desirable job. Maintain confidence in your dream without clinging to it. Your attitude should be one of ease, not desperation.

4. Pay attention.

There are many parables about God delivering people what they ask for and people failing to acknowledge their desire as it was presented to them. Our desires don’t always come to us in the way we expect. The way we visualize what we want and the way it manifests are often vastly different. Sit in your awareness and pay close attention to what is coming into your life.

5. Receive.

The final step is accepting what is given to you. Practice gratitude when you receive and be aware of how you received. Was your desire manifested in the way you expected? Reflect on your process and discover how the universe presents you with information or opportunity.

How to Manifest Your Desires Every Moment

Manifestation is accomplished in the moment. After all, all we ever have is the present moment. We are often so enveloped in the routine of our lives that we let the days pass into weeks, months, years, and keep our dreams neatly tucked away for “one day”. If there is something you have dreamed of accomplishing, the time is always now.