The Ego Blocks the Spirit.

Your ego is your soul’s worst enemy.

There is a battle ensuing within most people that involves the push and pull of the ego and the spirit. The ego is the lower vibration of the self that wastes energy being protected. People who protect their ego are also protecting a fragile sense of self esteem. Their defense mechanisms materialize in the form of an egoic personality.

It’s easy to recognize people with big egos.

  • They think they have all the answers
  • They refuse advice from others
  • They act as though they’re better than others
  • They refuse to apologize
  • They don’t like rules or authority figures
  • They’re entitled and believe the world owes them something
  • They feel threatened by other people’s success
  • They care about money, status, and appearance

The Ego Needs Approval

The ego feeds on approval from the outside. When the ego receives positive feedback or compliments from others it feels elated, ecstatic, and energized. On the contrary, it is extremely sensitive and fragile when it comes to criticism or judgement. It tends to reject or avoid criticism and shrivel in the face of disapproval. A common defense is the deflection of any wrong-doing.

The Ego is Materialistic

The ego is tied to worldly desires and goals. Since the ego is so dependent on outside approval to survive it often cares about material success, aesthetic beauty, status, and (more recently) social media. An egotistical person believes that their happiness and worth is attainable from the outside world. This means they will be on a never-ending quest for more.

The Ego is Afraid

Fragility is one of the key traits of the ego. Like a shell over a soft core, the ego is simply the armor shielding a poor self esteem. There is constantly fear that something will disturb it. If the ego is held up by a job title, youthful beauty, or a lot of money, any of these material things could be shattered in a moment. If the ego depends on being liked, one person disliking it can throw it off. The ego is always scared of losing what it has or not being able to get what it needs.

The Ego Blocks the Spirit

Harmony and peace can be found within the spirit. Unlike the ego, the spirit doesn’t get disturbed so easily. The spirit doesn’t rely on the outside world for stability, it’s naturally a place of balance. Attempting to feed the ego builds layer upon layer over the spirit. The more you build up the ego, the further you get from your higher self.

Be Humble

When you hear humility what do you think? Passivity, submission, weakness? It turns out the real defense mechanism and indicator of insecurity is the person protecting their ego. Humble people don’t feel the need to overcompensate by being boastful. Being humble is a sign of strength, confidence, and connection to the spirit.

The egotistical person has a counterpart and that is the person with humility.

  • They listen more than they talk
  • They accept feedback
  • They take responsibility
  • They don’t mind asking for help
  • They see everyone as equal
  • They don’t seek approval from others
  • They aren’t affected so easily by compliments or criticism

Today’s Practice:

What feeds your ego? Do you feel the need to look a certain way, to drive a certain car, to get a certain amount of likes on your picture? Figure out exactly which of your needs are in place to protect your self esteem. Further investigate what insecurities exist within you that you are trying to protect with these defenses.