Relish in Solitude.

You should spend more time with you and this is why.

You and your inner roommate spend a lot of time together. I’m talking about the little voice in your head that is constantly telling you exactly how you should control the world around you. This voice has about 50,000 things to say in a given day.

The Constant Voice.

Do you listen to them? What do they say to you? Do you trust what they have to say?

Relishing in your solitude doesn’t just mean cancelling plans and sitting in bed on the weekends with FOMO and a glass of wine. Solitude is when you dismiss your inner roommate and sit in your awareness.

Quiet Sitting.

Sitting in solitude can be a terrifying experience. Our inner roommate takes this as an opportunity to get extremely chatty. Our worries, deep-seated fears, plans, and pains come bubbling to the surface. We tend to push away the thoughts we don’t like and cling to the ones that we do. What if there was an alternative?


Sit down and listen to your roommate. Listen to their concerns, their anxiety, their fears and recognize that although you live together in the tight confines of your mind, you are not one and the same. You are the awareness that listens. In fact, the real you isn’t much of a talker. You have observed these thoughts, emotions, and temporal states change over time just like your physical body.

Mind Versus Soul.

You and your mind are very close. You go everywhere together, you consult your mind before doing anything, buying anything, or saying anything. If only you could grow this close to your soul. Your soul is the immaterial part of your body. The spiritual essence and awareness you carry. Sometimes the mind distracts you from that spiritual connection. Your soul becomes buried under all of those thoughts.

Befriending Your Soul.

Sitting quietly in a meditative state and observing your mind helps you grow closer to your soul. Instead of listening to the mind and accepting it as truth, be aware of it. This simple practice can have you tuned in to the intuitive side of yourself that sits a little deeper than your conscious mental audio.

Today’s Practice:

Today, sit quietly for 10 minutes and be aware of your chatty mind. Identify what thoughts you tend to cling to and which thoughts you like to avoid. Become aware of the general feeling or emotion each thought produces. Feel this in your body and release it by acknowledging it.